Apple Mac book Air mmgf2hn/a 13.3-inch laptop review

Apple Mac book Air mmgf2hn/a 13.3-inch laptop review

Apple Mac book Air mmgf2hn/a 13.3-inch laptop review :- Apple Mac book has known for it’s uniqueness performance and class right from the beginning and yet they have proved it  again by launching the all new apple mac book air mmgf2hn/a 13.3-inch laptop. You will have all the right reason to buy this laptop once you go through the specifications and reviews.


Apple Mac book Air mmgf2hn/a 13.3-inch laptop review 12 hours clock image

What makes this laptop unique and robust is it’s configuration and the extraordinary battery life which lasts upto 12 hours  and has standby capacity up-to 30 days.This kind of battery life is perfect for all heavy computer users and let’s you work worry less without any interruption.


2.7 Ghz speed image Less Dense,Thin and Mighty

I’d Like to quote this laptop, Less dense,Thin and Mighty because it’s designed exceptionally well and the new 5th Generation i7 processors with Intel HD Graphics 6000 allows you to complete all your chores at ultra fast speed right from browsing to photo editing no matter what task and this makes other laptops matchless to this beast.


Image result for wifi symbol

                           802.11ac Wi-Fi.

                   The meaning of High Speed

This laptop supports the super fast 802.11ac WiFi technology when connected to 802.11ac base station. When connected to Airport Extreme and Airport time capsule it gives you three times faster performance and improves your WiFi range.
The Bluetooth technology gives you the ability to go wireless allowing you to connect devices like headphones and speakers.


Fast Flash Storage

                           Image result for flash storageThis part of Mac book Air is what makes it react quickly even after being in standby mode for 30 days, Its not only limited to that but also makes the Apple Mac book Air mmgf2hn/a 13.3-inch laptop light weight and easy to carry no matter where you go.



Why wait ? Make some uninterrupted and strong connections on your mac book

     Introducing the Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.


Related image


                   Display Camera and Mics

                   Majestic in every aspect


Apple Mac book Air mmgf2hn/a 13.3-inch laptop gives you  1440×900 pixel resolution on a display that measures as thin as 4.86 millimeters.The LED back lighting makes colors bright and vibrant from edge to edge that gives an immense pleasure to your eyes when working on the device.

This Mac book Air has the 720p face time HD camera with the widescreen format which gives you crisp and clear picture and enables everyone to fit into it.

The Dual microphone in this Apple Mac book Air mmgf2hn/a 13.3-inch laptop are quite impressive, The mic automatically reduces the background noise when making a face time call,
And when you use Dictation, the mics create an adaptive audio beam that cleverly adjusts to detect your voice,instead of the noise around you.


Multi touch track pad

Image result for Multi-Touch trackpad

The Multi-Touch gestures Apple Mac book Air mmgf2hn/a 13.3-inch laptop makes everything more instinctive and fun.The Spacious  Multi-Touch track pad is perfectly designed doesn’t matter if it’s a three-finger swipe to activate Mission Control or a four-finger pinch to see all your apps in Launchpad.Gesture responses are smooth and realistic.


             Back-lit keyboard

Image result for Backlit keyboard mac book air

Though this Mac book Air is quite compact it manages to fit a full size keyboard with back-lit that lets you type even in the dimmest lights,It has a built in ambient light sensor that detects and adjusts the display and keyboard brightness on its own.



1. Sleek & Slim: There is no doubt about this, I absolutely love the thin profile of this laptop. Pure awesomeness! Everybody love this.
2. Weight: I hate to carry around 5KG of laptop to office daily. This doesn’t even feel that you have laptop in your backpack. I keep checking my backpack every time while travelling, making sure that’s it’s still there. As you feel almost weight of backpack. Even 4-year old kid can hold in one hand.
3. Battery: For me it’s almost 12 hours! when fully charged.
4. Softwares Running: It’s runs Xcode & Android Studio with Genymotion at same time without any hanging issues.
5. Keyboard & Trackpad: Works smoothly, I have no issue with this at all. I started typing faster with this keyboard, But you need sometime to keep up with this, if you are coming from Windows world.
6. Display: It’s superb, To be honest it’s awesome. I never used retina display much, So I can’t complain anything about this.




1. Charger: Heats up a little

2. Movie Editing Software: Even though it’s not that bad, it’s down side for Movie editors, I tried iMovie, it’s hangs up sometime. I suggest to go with Mac Pro for movie editing. for other kind of softwares it works great. Also, It’s get hang sometime while playing with memory intensive games.

3. Office Suite: It’s to work with without MS office suite, for my daily use i need these Excel & Word, But you have to pay for these as you can’t install cracked version, I tried but not successful, other software like Libre-office & Open-office, It doesn’t help much.


Final Verdict on the basis of Apple Mac book Air mmgf2hn/a 13.3-inch laptop review

Apple is a trusted name and gives you the product worth every penny spent, I don’t think it requires a second thought after you read this post. A must buy laptop for every user.

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