LG G6 Smartphone Reviews for India

LG G6 Smartphone Reviews for India

The LG G6 is an attractive sleek designed phone that perfectly fits in your hand despite of its 5.7″ big screen ,This high end  is made from Aluminium and it variants in two colors black and platinum.

LG G6 Black and titanium colors picture

LG G6 Smartphone battery is tested and is reliable on heavy usage, The battery of this  Smartphone is designed for the heat to be dispelled and reduce the phone temperature,Hence this phone has no heating issues.

This  Smartphone has passed 14 different military standard 810G test so you dont have to worry about the phone’s accidental drops.

The LG G6 Smartphone is built for unpredicted, and is secure against dust and is water resistant upto 1.5 meters for upto 30 minutes with an IP68 Rating.

LG G6 Smartphone has a Dolby Vision feature that changes your mobile viewing experience,Moreover the LG G6’s full vision display puts screen on your phone for a better browsing,viewing and gaming needs.

The Quad HD+ resolutions provides you the best picture quality for awesome viewing experience.

With the LG G6 Wide Angle feature you can capture the most memorable moments of life.

The LG G6 makes taking selfies easy with an enhanced front camera that automatically snaps

a picture when face is in frame ,

Hence no buttons required.It has dual 13MP Rear Camera with the 125 degrees

wide angle lens that allows you to capture photos and videos with a wider perspective for more scenic shots.

The LG G6 has the google Assistant built in so its easier for you to make plans or find a product


LG G6 Reviews

LG G6 comes with a LG Custom UI and has Android version 7.0 also known as Nougat.

The best part of this phone is that it comes in 62 GB variant for Indian market

out of which 51 GB of internal storage is available for use.

The high end LG G6 Smartphone has features like HD voice recording and FM Radio.

The ON/OFF button for this phone is embedded on the fingerprint scanner itself

which is on the back of the phone. The fingerprint scanner on back of this phone is easy to reach

with your finger and is quick responsive.

The 13 MP rear dual camera lets you take the best shots and

the best feature of this LG phone is the wide and normal mode function

which allows you to take wider pictures.

This phone also has a Always on mode which shows you notifications and time,

However you can disable it from settings if you want.

48 hours of usage and i must say the battery life is pretty awesome,

Also the phone does not heat up despite of heavy usage and gaming’s.

It has a single speaker and i must say the speaker quality is good and loud. The only part i do not like is that the phone has all sensors except the IR Blast.


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